Giotto Bizzarrini:
The man who made legends

Giotto Bizzarrini, one of the world's most talented automotive engineers, was instrumental in the development of the immortal Ferrari 250 GTO, the pioneering mid-engined ATS 2500 GT, the Ferrari 250 "Breadvan", the legendary Lamborghini V12 engine and also the ISO Grifo, from which the Bizzarrini 5300 GT and A3/C models were developed.


The Bizzarrini name is attributed to a number of models including the 5300 GT Stradale, the Le Mans class-winning A3/C, the 1900 GT Europa, the mid-engined P538 and its descendant the Manta.

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The return of the Bizzarrini marque is rich with possibility and Pegasus intends to honour the brand’s heritage while also engaging with a new generation. Tradition and technology will align to write new chapters in the ongoing Bizzarrini story.